Social Dress

Members Lounge & Golfers Lounge

Men are required to wear smart casual attire with a minimum being a approved golf shirt or collared shirt with sleeves, (no T-shirts). Shirts do not have to be tucked in. Dress shorts or tailored slacks are acceptable. Covered shoes are required.  Spikes may only be worn in the snack bar area.

Women must wear smart casual attire.

Casino Lounge, Auditorium & Danny’s Restaurant

Smart casual attire is required for men and women, including casual or open footwear.

Unacceptable Dress includes but not limited to:

Beach wear, football jumper/socks, sleeveless shirts (male), soiled or torn clothing and apparel with objectionable branding are not acceptable. Children must be suitably attired at all times.

Hats cannot be worn anywhere in the clubhouse.

Golf Attire

Men are required to wear approved golf shirt or collared shirt, club or resort logo acceptable, tucked in; dress shorts or tailored slacks. Sports socks. Golf shoes must be worn.

Unacceptable Golf Dress

T-shirts or sleeveless shirts, elastic waist or draw string trousers/shorts, football jumpers, tracksuit pants, untidy denim, tight or brief shorts, football socks, work boots or ripple sole shoes, sandals or thongs are unacceptable.

Acceptable attire for women includes skirts, Bermuda shorts or tailored slacks. Tops must have a full back. If the top is sleeveless, it must have a collar, and if collarless, it must have sleeves. Clean, smart, casual clothing is required at all times. Golf shoes must be fully enclosed with socks. Dress sandals may be worn in the Members’ Lounge. 

NOT PERMITTED: Bare midriffs, strapless or singlet tops, blue denim jeans, tight stretch pants, tracksuit pants, rubber thongs or bare feet.