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As you are all aware we have allowed “swingers” for these events to ensure all members have the opportunity to play in the day’s events.
It was passed unanimously at today’s committee meeting that we will continue to allow “swingers” however “swingers will only be allowed to win ONE prize on the day including rundown.

We believe that this is fair given that a “swinger” pays only one entry fee and effectively has two chances to win a prize.

Bob Murdoch


 ‘100 Club’ Series 203  Results

           Drawn 13/07/ 2017


1st Prize   $100.   No. 14

N.Browne, J.Skuja,   T.Crossan,   B.Meredith

2nd Prize   $60.    No. 82

  1. Townsend,   A. Goodridge, K.Nunn.

3rd Prize    $20.    No, 27

  1. Carter,   G. Maloney, R. Doman.

Prizes may be collected from the Duty Officer on any Thursday in the Riverview Lounge.

Tuesday 5th June 2017

Coolangatta & Tweed Heads Veteran Golfers: –

Last Thursday your committee was provided an opportunity to meet with the Club’s Building Development Committee to be updated on proposals for future structural developments.

Following are some facts from the presentation –

  • There is no intention by the board now or in the future to reduce the course to 27 holes which has been confirmed by our President on the website.
  • The current Clubhouse amenities now, and the foreseeable future, are unable to provide a positive income stream without considerable improvement.
  • Expenditure to bring the Clubhouse up to 2017 safety and fire standards is extensive/prohibitive and would not result in any improvement in anticipated income.
  • The Board has called for Expressions of Interest from developers and their proposals would include the building of a purpose-built clubhouse at no cost to members or the Club.
  • The Development may include apartments, aged-care accommodation or similar. Any such development would be run by the developer.
  • Any land traded to the developer for construction of units etc. will have no effect on the courses even during the construction phase.
  • No final decision has been made to date as Expressions of Interest only closed at the end of May, any decision can only be made after approval by the Club membership at a Special General Meeting. The Building Development Committee now has to study the Expressions of Interest and prepare a short-list for consideration by the full board of the Club.
  • Once a Developers proposal has been accepted by the board it could be expected to take up to 2 years before construction could commence as various Government approvals will be required.
  • There has been extensive research undertaken to date and given the importance and size of the project a stable board would seem paramount to ensure the completion of the project.


Redland Bay Trip Rescheduled – Monday 4th September

As you are aware our trip to Redland Bay was cancelled due to inclement weather and has been rescheduled for Monday 4th September 2017.
For those who prepaid green fees, refunds will be available for collection in the Riverview Lounge from next Thursday 6th April in view that there is likely to be no competition today because of the weather (no carts on either course).
Just a reminder, if you decide not to play in any event at any time YOU ARE OBLIGATED to either ring the Pro Shop and cancel out or remove your name from the booking sheet via the website. This has a twofold effect, it enables another player to book and in cases of weather issues a decision can be made to either continue or cancel the event of the day. THIS IS A CLUB REQUIREMENT.

Bob Murdoch